11 Tips for Taking Amazing Menu Photos for Your Restaurant

Your restaurant’s menu photos are a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers, increase ticket sizes, and keep guests coming back. But what makes for a mouth-watering food photo? Keep reading to learn these helpful tips for taking amazing menu photos for your restaurant.


1) Keep the focus 

The most important thing in your menu photography is making sure you keep the subject of the image as clear and focused as possible. This means that if you have an appetizer, salad, or dessert on the menu, you should make sure the food in question is right at the center of your image and not cut off by any other piece of text or noise. The same goes for if you’re photographing an entree – it should fill up as much of the frame as possible while also being visible from head to toe.

Tips for Taking Amazing Menu Photos


2) Brightness levels set to even

It’s pretty easy to take a photo that will look great on one computer monitor but terrible when seen on another screen without altering anything else about the picture itself; keeping both exposure level and light levels consistent across all devices is key to ensuring your menus are viewable with ease no matter where they’re opened. 


3) Use natural lighting whenever possible

You can get away with using artificial lights as well, but be aware that they’ll often create more shadows and reflections. Lighting from natural sources will result in better quality images for social media posts.


4) Take a lot of photos if you’re not sure which one is the best

It’s worth taking five or ten extra shots in case one doesn’t turn out quite as expected; it could take some time to find your perfect photo!


5) Clean up any food spills with Photoshop before posting on social media

You can also use editing software like Snapseed to make minor tweaks such as adjusting brightness levels and removing stray hairs.”

Adding menu photos to social media

Only have a smartphone camera? No problem.

If you’re fortunate enough to own a DSLR camera and know how to use it, then that may be your best option. But what if you only have a smartphone? All is not lost! You can still take some very nice photos with the following tips:


6) Ensure exposure levels are appropriate 

…by adjusting brightness and contrast controls on the phone. This way nothing looks dark and dreary when they were supposed to look appetizing -.-


7) Keep things simple 

Food photography isn’t rocket science, and it’s all about the basics. Taking food photos is a much easier task when you’re not trying to do too many things at once.


8) Avoid backgrounds that are complicated or distracting 

If there’s something in your background, like a ton of people milling around behind you while you take the photo, then try moving to somewhere with less going on so that what is being seen takes center stage: the food!


9) Use filters sparingly but strategically

Filters can be great for giving images nice effects or moods; they also make colors pop out more which improves visibility among social media platforms.


10) Utilize “fill light” mode 

if possible by holding your phone close to an object blocking light from coming into the frame.

Proper lighting for menu photos

11) Take a step back 

Get more of the background into the photo for context, but be careful not to get so far away from your subject that they are unrecognizable.


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