5 Ways Technology Can Help Restaurants Beat the Odds

.In an industry with sky-high failure rates—almost 60% closing their doors within the first year—every element of your restaurant business, from front-and-back of house operations to customer service, menus, and marketing must be in sync. By integrating technology to bring these pieces together, restauranteurs are beating the odds with flourishing businesses. Let’s look at 5 ways technology can help restaurants beat the odds.

    1. It’s grueling and tiring work

      The days are long, the costs are high, and the emotional toll these factors take can be an enormous burden, especially if you’re the sole proprietor. It can be easy to throw in the towel in the start-up stage unless you have integrated technology to help support your business and train your staff, along the way.


    2. No systems—all-day

      You have an amazing location, an unforgettable menu, and on-point decor but your systems aren’t streamlined, and confusion is the mode of operation for your front-and-back of house. The only way to succeed is to implement a tech solution to bring greater efficiency to your operations.


    3. Marketing is an after-thought

      By the time you build the location, create and source the menu, staff it, and open the doors, marketing is often overlooked. You need to embrace available technologies to bring customers in the door who are already engaging with your brand online.

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    4. You leave a bad taste

      As a restauranteur, more than anything, you are in the business of customer service. Just like a dead plate, a bad review or an unhappy customer can be the difference between success and failure. Whether customers are dining in or grabbing food and beverages to-go, your job is to ensure a flawless experience that leaves your customers wanting more; and, a way to easily repeat the experience.


    5. Your staff is in the weeds

      Your restaurant is only as good as the team you create and the training you provide. It all comes down to technology. This helps you support your staff. From placing orders and tracking inventory to cost analysis, and beyond.

      A user-friendly mobile app for customers that makes it easy to place orders. This builds critical relationships and is often a make-or-break finishing touch for restaurants. Whether you’re a local sandwich shop or multi-location franchise, reviewing your systems and using technology helps ensure longevity.


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