A paradigm shift in online ordering


When COVID jumpstarted the foodservice industry’s shift to delivery and online ordering, Moduurn was already helping restaurants across North America use technology to better connect with and retain their customers. 

In this episode of The Alpha Advisor, Alex Cook (Co-Founder and VP of Sales) and Jose Albis ( and Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer) join Ian to discuss this paradigm shift and how Moduurn is helping its’ partners survive – and thrive in a rapidly changing industry.

Host Ian David Clark: Alex Cook, Jose Albis from Moduurn. Here’s the bio we have on you guys.

Basically, providing online ordering solutions for businesses of all sizes from independent to enterprise, their own affordable unique branded digital ordering apps, and experience while giving business owners full control of their system.

Wow. Westjet, Shell, Compass Group, Bin4 just to name a few of them out there.


A paradigm shift in online ordering

Host Ian David Clark: We got a new paradigm.

Jose Albis: It is totally a new paradigm. And with that also came a shift that actually these companies–the third parties that actually taught so many people how to place orders online.

They established some of the standards and what we come to do is complement and to bring some more power back to the operators and the capacity to actually to business the way they want to sustain the brand with the quality and the personalization that they would like.

If you came to the restaurant now, technology is opening back that opportunity for them to do it again with solutions like ours.


Online ordering personalization 

Jose Albis: When you get a requisition slip that says, Alex came here and he ordered what he always ordered. It’s his favorite and you bring it and you call him by his name. He paired his favorite dish with guacamole.

That’s the mark.

Amazing. Amazing experience.

The customer says, “I’m going to order again. I’m going to come back again.

They know my name.

It is all these new possibilities that are to the benefit of the operators.


Faster and more convenient online ordering

Host Ian David Clark: People are looking for cheaper, faster, and more convenient. I mean, doesn’t that make sense though? With Moduurn? I mean it’s easy to order and it’s quick and it’s cheap.

Alex Cook: It is yes. You know, I had my experience today. I was just telling a group earlier. I was on the Red Barn App. With our app’s Version 2, I was able to re-order from my history.

I store my credit card information in the cloud, so I didn’t have to re-enter it. 

I placed my order in 3 seconds.


Take back restaurant branding from third-party apps

Host Ian David Clark: That makes a whole lot more sense because the brand got lost a little bit in 2020 for restaurants and I think bringing that back so they are a part of the ecosystem ahead of the DoorDashes.

Alex Cook: And that’s actually where we come in. That’s where our strength is. We work with every restaurant with a marketing coaching program, so we actually teach them how to get customers to the app.

We have a proven track record, so we know how to help restaurateurs get traffic to their app.

And that’s the most important part.

It’s not just having an app. It’s having a successful app.

Host Ian David Clark: It sounds like Moduurn really is a business that is focussing on helping your customers which is really the companies that you’re facilitating through in the food and beverage industry.

A lot more personal.

A lot more: ‘How can Moduurn be more efficient for you?’

And all that data coming back is going to be hugely valuable to those companies.

Alex Cook: We break down our company culture from a very simple place: 

How can we help?

Jose Albis: We are committed to reducing food waste, optimizing your operations, minimizing costs, and making sure the supply chain is super tight and optimized.

So we work with merchants.


Ghost kitchens / virtual kitchens opportunities

Host Ian David Clark: Is that an area Moduurn is going to tackle? Ghost kitchens?

Alex Cook: Yes, we’ve been doing quite a bit with ghost kitchens. In fact, we are currently working with a prospect in Vancouver BC, on a 20,000 square foot facility with 24 different brands using ghost kitchens.


Cryptocurrencies and Moduurn

Jose Albis: I think that the line of trust that we put in our platform to represent our clients, in the sense that, when someone buys from any particular brand that is using our platform, they’re trusting that brand that got it.

We have to be that robust system that the merchant trusts.

So that their customer trusts them.

The more we can offer that trust, and increase it for them, then the better it is for everyone in the ecosystem.

So anytime we bring a new payment method, including Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we are going to be ready for that.

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