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Stop promoting third-party apps

     Stop promoting third-party apps on your restaurant’s website Is your restaurant promoting third-party apps like […]

Optimize Tracking and Reporting for your restaurant

     There are a couple of common challenges we hear when speaking with enterprise-level organizations. One […]

Advantages to offering delivery at your restaurant

   Does your restaurant offer online ordering for your guests? And if so, do you offer your […]

A paradigm shift in online ordering

   When COVID jumpstarted the foodservice industry’s shift to delivery and online ordering, Moduurn was already helping […]

Restaurant Delivery Solutions

 Restaurant Delivery Solutions When our merchants take advantage of delivery with Moduurn, not only do they reduce […]

Restaurant Operators, It’s Time to Figure Out Delivery

Delivery is more than a service, it’s an experience As cold weather approaches, restaurants should consider an increased […]

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