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    DoorDash Integration

    Offer delivery at your location. Moduurn seamlessly integrates with Doordash delivery, reducing delivery commissions to 15% or less.

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    Android & iOS

    Promote your business with your fully branded mobile app, effective on both Android & iOS devices, and increase customer loyalty.

  • Multiple Service Options

    Unlock powerful services like delivery, takeout, curbside, pickup, pickup station, location delivery, events and catering, and much more...


Streamlined and efficient

"ATCO has worked on multiple platforms and manual systems before Moduurn — we spent so much time organizing and trying to read the paper sheets for orders. With Moduurn, the ability to see the order directly from the customer makes it so streamlined and efficient. Now we can take five orders at one time, instead of just one."

- Brian Huissian, Facilities Manager Atco

Proud Partners:

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  • What does it cost?

    We’d love to prepare a customized proposal for you!
    We just need a few details to create the best plan for your business. Fill out the form here

  • How long are the contracts? Yearly, monthly?

    There are no contracts to lock you in at Moduurn and best of all no hidden fees. Moduurn empowers its operators to make decisions and pivot swiftly in the rapidly evolving mobile marketplace.

  • What commissions do you charge?

    Moduurn does not charge commissions. This is a core principle in Moduurn’s business model. We believe those dollars belong in the pockets of the businesses using our service.

  • What POS systems integrate with Moduurn?

    95% of Moduurn clients operate on standalone mode (no POS integration). Simply put, you do not need POS integration to take advantage of Moduurn’s powerful mobile ordering platform. That being said, Moduurn directly integrates with these major brands: Squirrel, Universal POS, Hippos, Maitre’D, Ideal POS and more!

  • How do I know this is going to work for my business?

  • Want the latest marketing tactics?

    The 90 Days to Success program is a no-cost, no-obligation 90-day digital marketing program that works one-to-one (confidentially) with Moduurn clients on their unique needs and circumstances. Click here to find out how we help you drive sales to your new Moduurn app!

No matter the size of your business, you can have enterprise level tools at your disposal for ridiculous ROI.