Mobile Ordering for Pizza Restaurants


Restaurateurs are often surprised to learn that the popular third-party apps used in other independent and chain restaurants don’t handle pizza. Operational differences – from build-your-own pizzas and two-for-one and meal combos – add complexity that most third-party mobile ordering apps can’t manage.


Pizza Restaurants Should Avoid This Costly Mistake

Choosing a third-party app that doesn’t manage this complexity can be a costly mistake. Typically, these apps charge between 20-30% commission of a restaurants’ sales and they don’t deliver a return on investment. How can they? These apps aren’t built to handle complex menus and pricing with ease, and their commission fees simply cut too deep into a restaurant’s margins.


Replace Third-Party Apps With Pizza-Friendly Mobile Ordering

It’s not surprising that more and more restaurants are making the difficult decision to replace (or augment) their third-party delivery apps with a solution that actually works for pizza and for complex menus of all types.

Stratford logo w iconStratford Pizza owner, Paramjit Saini, noticed a huge improvement when his own fully-branded mobile ordering system (powered by Moduurn) was launched in his Stratford, PEI pizzeria.

   “Our customers are pleased with the new system and as a result, we’ve seen an increase in return orders.  People love that they can build their pizza, just how they want it, and with coupons and specials at their fingertips, the whole ordering process has become easier.”

Independent and chain pizzerias are following Saini’s lead and signing on with Moduurn. Recently, Papa Baldy’s Pizza, Romeos, Pizzeria Prima Strada, 900 Degrees Pizza, Houston Pizza, Belisa Pizza, Mambo Gourmet Pizza, and Pizza Donair have decided to deploy apps and online ordering that fit their to-go pizza business.


Pizza-Friendly Mobile Ordering Crucial for Success

Why is a pizza-friendly mobile ordering system like Moduurn’s so crucial for success? In a pizzeria, menus are often built on-the-fly by staff with mix and match, half-and-half, two-for-one, and meal combo choices. With pickup and delivery added to the mix, it’s crucial for restaurateurs to have built-in pricing, menu management, order ready promotional and  promotional tools that are designed to work for their operations.

Most leading third-party apps don’t offer these pizza-specific tools. Nor do they protect a restaurant’s brand with white-labeled web, IOS and Android apps for online and mobile ordering. Nor do they provide full management control of the customer experience from first order to direct marketing to repeat business. Before making a decision on the right mobile ordering solution, restaurateurs need to understand the pitfalls of third-party apps. Not all apps are created equal. 


Four Mobile Ordering Essentials For Pizza Restaurants

In summary, there are four essential components to a mobile ordering system for pizza restaurants:

1.         Management of complex menus with pizza-specific tools.

2.         Hands-on operational processing of takeout and delivery.

3.         Complete control of your brand and customer experience.

4.         Open access to manage loyalty, promotions, discounts, and direct marketing to customers.

The ability to adapt in an ever-changing industry is vital to maintaining brand loyalty. Understanding the needs of customers and pivoting your strategy based on performance is essential to keep customers coming back. With a pizza-friendly mobile app, restaurateurs are sure to cultivate long-lasting customer relationships and extend their brand way beyond the doors of their restaurant.

Schedule a call or book a demo with a Moduurn representative today to assess your operational needs. Remember it’s about: Your Brand. Your Apps. Your Terms.  

Moduurn offers a low monthly fee. No commissions. No contract.


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