Mobile Ordering Improves Customer Service and Generates Profits

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Customer Success Story: 1 humble donut + 1 mobile ordering system = Results

Every successful business owner understands the benefits of delivering a positive customer experience. Simply put, it pays off. From building brand loyalty to generating referrals and customer reviews, great customer service is noticed and rewarded. So how does mobile ordering support businesses in serving their customers?

The first in our series of Customer Success stories provides one answer to this question. At the centre of our story is, what owner Melanie Laverick calls the “simple, humble donut.”

At Laverick’s Empire Donuts‘ shop located in Victoria, B.C. donuts are made by hand, from scratch, with quality ingredients and delectable flavour combinations: raspberry chai is one such example. Empire deployed Moduurn’s mobile ordering system to build its to-go business and to generate additional revenue.

Owner, Laverick says, “I am really happy with the app. It is making my life so much easier plus bringing in extra revenue which is fantastic.”

Within the first six weeks of launching its new app, Laverick generated $7,600 in donut sales from one small location without paying to advertise the app or online menu. Her investment in Moduurn paid off in less than one week! More importantly, her investment in delivering exceptional customer service continues to pay off and here’s how.


Mobile Ordering Improves Customer Service

Laverick’s customers love her donuts and it shows. They rave and evangelize about her donuts on her social media channels and to friends and family. Her customers enthusiastically downloaded the app and ordered ahead to avoid the lineups in her shop, one of the many ways customer service is enhanced by mobile ordering. Whether it’s an order the customer picks up or has delivered, preordering online or via the app reduces mistakes. Customers are happier and restaurants operate more efficiently without having to redo orders and field customer complaints. It’s a win-win for the restaurant and its customers.

In the case of Empire Donuts, customers using the app are offered special promotions. With the Moduurn mobile ordering system, Laverick can access her customers’ contact information, unlike third-party apps that own the restaurant customers’ data. She targets special promotions to her donut loving app users, and to new customers via her social media channels.

Empire Donuts has not only delivered better customer service and increased brand loyalty, it also has increased its profits.

Moduurn Mobile Ordering Results: Profits Increase

Here is the difference Moduurn makes to the bottom line for businesses like Empire who have their own fully-branded app. A third-party app supplier, such as Skip the Dishes, UberEats or GrubHub, would have charged $2,280 in commission to generate Empire’s $7,600 in sales. Empire Donuts paid only $187 to Moduurn to generate sales, less the initial one-time setup and equipment fees.

Moduurn 3rd-Party
Fees $125/month per location 30% commission on sales
Sales $7,600 $7,600
Cost      $187*   $2,280
Net Sales $7,412 $5,320

* prorated for 6 weeks of sales at one location. Initial setup not included.

Is your restaurant or retail business ready for a mobile ordering solution that can increase profits and improve customer service?

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