Moduurn & DoorDash Drives FAQ

Moduurn & DoorDash Drives FAQ

DoorDash has recently opened its API’s allowing companies like Moduurn to integrate directly into their delivery dispatch system. DoorDash Drives works differently than the traditional DoorDash / Uber or Skip platforms you are currently used to.

With DoorDash Drives the delivery is now dispatched through your own branded Moduurn app when customers choose delivery. There are many benefits to business owners with this new and exciting method. Read all about Moduurn & DoorDash Drives FAQ here…


4 reasons operators should take advantage



Moduurn’s DoorDash Drives works on a flat delivery fee of $8.50 per order unlike the traditional percentage fees of 20 – 30% businesses are used to seeing. The flat fee of $6.99 USD can be split to share the cost that the business pays and the delivery fee that the customer would pay to keep your costs down to 20% or less.

For example Customer Delivery Fee $ 3.50 per order.
⇨ The business pays $ 3.49 per order

Note: An order of $24.00 will be less than 15% for the delivery fee. Minimum Delivery Amounts can be pre-set in Moduurn. Ie Min $20.00 order for delivery.



Valuable customer data previously owned by 3rd party delivery companies are now owned by you. Know who your customers are, where they are coming from, what they are spending and most importantly promote directly to your customers, build loyalty and increase repeat business.



Your brand has value, it is your identity. Traditional 3rd party delivery companies leverage your brand and your precious digital presence on platforms such as Google Search, Google My Business, and even your domain. With Moduurn’s DoorDash Drives you can now offer delivery as a service in your own branded APP.



For those who have their own delivery fleet, you can use DoorDash Drives as a backup delivery service for those times you are short-handed or for days you do not have drivers working such as traditional slower nights. Choose either your own driver(s) OR dispatch a DoorDash driver based on your ability to deliver.


Q: When will Moduurn’s DoorDash Drives be available?

⇨ Available Now!


Q: How do I get started?

A Simple 2 Step Process for Moduurn clients

Step 1) Sign up with DoorDash Drives through our live chat function on any page of our website and mention DoorDash Drives. We will set you up with the proper agreement to get started.

Step 2) Moduurn will set up the dispatch functions in the MBO (Moduurn Back Office).

Not a Moduurn client yet? View a short demo here


Q: What else should I know?

All payments and tips get deposited into your account. DoorDash will provide a statement each month for the delivery fees and tip amounts payable to DoorDash. Moduurn will provide the statement and will automatically withdraw the funds from your account or apply the payment to your credit card each month.

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Additional Moduurn & DoorDash Drives FAQ

PAYMENT PROCESSING: All delivery payments made through your APP will be processed using your payment processor. Payments will be deposited directly into your bank account, typically the next business day.

DO I NEED A NEW MID (Merchant ID Number): No – the current MID can be used for payments.

TIPS: Tips are deposited into your bank account. Tips from orders placed to DoorDash Drives belong to the DD drivers and will be paid to DD from your account each month. DoorDash will distribute the tips accordingly.

TIP DEFAULT % The DoorDash contract requires that the tip default amount must be set at 20%. The customer can choose more, less, or none but the default amount must be set at 20%.

If you are using a hybrid system with your own fleet plus DoorDash Drives all delivery would then see a default of 20% for the tip amount. Please Note: The mandatory 20% default tip is for delivery only and would not apply to pick-up orders unless chosen.

CAN I OPT-OUT OF THE TRADITIONAL DOORDASH DELIVERY? Yes, DoorDash Drives is a separate contract from the traditional DoorDash agreement. If you are also signed up with the traditional DoorDash delivery orders placed through the DoorDash Portal would be set under the traditional 20-30% delivery fee on all orders.

CAN I SET A MINIMUM DELIVERY AMOUNT? Yes – In fact if you set the minimum delivery order amount to $20.00 and charge a $5.00 delivery fee you would be paying less than 20% per order. Any check above $20.00 will reduce the percentages you pay.

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